Narber Club Contract


Narber Club Contract 


Name: _________________________     email: _______________________________ Date: _________



Amount Paid: _____________Cashier: _____________


Package (Circle one)      Cooper     Silver   Gold     Electrum     Platinum     Game Master 

·       Contracts are valid on a year to year basis starting in July and ending July of the following year. 

·       All contracts are null and void if payment is not received before the end of July the following year. 

·       Owning a package does not give liberties other than what is included in paid package 

·       If internet password is given out to non-club members, the offending member will get a 

warning. If the offense happens again, the offending member will be dropped from the club, with no refund, until the following year. 

·       Benefits not used does NOT carry over to the next year (excluding store credit) 

·       Packages sold through the year will be prorated on a quarterly basis.


Quarter                         Price*              Benefits allowed in package 

July-September            full price          all benefits for all packages 

October-December     ¾ price             all benefits for Silver and below, 1 less event entry 

January-March             ½ price             all benefits for Silver and below, 2 less event entries 

April-June                      ¼ price             all benefits for Silver and below, 3 less event entries

*price as stated below in package explanation.


Price for each package per quarter 

Copper                Free 

Silver                   $20    $15    $10    $5 

Gold                    $50    $32    $25    $13 

Electrum             $75    $56    $38    $19 

Platinum            $150  $113  $75    $38  


Game Masters  

To be qualified for the Game Master package the following minimums must be maintained.  

·       Run at least 4 free events monthly for shop benefit, not your friends (i.e.… D&D, pathfinder) 

·       Run one large paid event with at least $10 entry cost (i.e. D&DAW, Warhammer,HeroClix) 

If in any quarter you do not satisfy the above, you will be dropped from the Game Master package (certain circumstances, determined by staff can waive this dismissal)


By signing below, I am accepting the benefits as laid out above for the package that I purchased.  I understand that if, for any reason I am banned from the shop for non-adherence to the shop rules or reason deemed by owner, there will be no refund of amount paid. 



Signature                                                           Date